Meet our Founding Members

Nikki F.


My name is Nikki, I am  the proud momma of 3 beautiful girls! I first learned about Sensory Processing difficulties through a class in college.  When my first little blessing was born I noticed that she exhibited several similar behaviors. When my twins came the following year, it became increasingly obvious that one of our little ladies was facing challenges developmentally. Clara began therapy at a young age for what we then called Sensory Processing Disorder, and we were told that an Autism diagnosis may be in our future.
Fast Forward to Clara at 2.5 years old, we received our official ‘Non-Verbal-Autism Spectrum Disorder,level II’ diagnosis.
I have dedicated my life to sharing her story, her triumphs and her struggles in an effort to spread knowledge, awareness and break down the stigma associated with these diagnoses.
That passion has led me here... starting another incredible journey to help other families facing some of the same struggles as my own. 

Sarah M.


Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m a registered nurse and work with, mostly, critically ill patients. My life is very much like so many other peoples in that my family and I live everyday with sensory processing issues. I have two children who both have some sensory sensitivities. My daughter is

extremely sensitive to loud noises. This effects our lives in many areas such as fear of the toilet flushing to anxiety when the children in her class are too loud. My daughter has no developmental delays unlike her brother. My son was diagnosed at 22 months-old with Autism. His development delay and his unusual behavior made it hard to not notice something was different about my little boy. However, it took a few more years to become educated enough to understand that some of his unusual behaviors were caused by his sensory processing problems. Needless to say, sensory processing problems are part of our daily lives. Knowing how to control the noise, how much pressure to use when giving a hug and what kind of fabric to get blankets made out of actually makes a great impact on some of these problems. It feels so good to talk to the other people that live with these sensory processing issues in their family. I hope that we can help others to find the therapies, tools, and support that makes a big impact for their families too.

Our Board Members

Nikki French


Executive Director/President

Sarah Magro


Assitant Director/Vice President

Susannah Cripe


Secretary of the Board