Advocacy & Awareness through Education & Support

Advocacy & Awareness through Education & SupportAdvocacy & Awareness through Education & SupportAdvocacy & Awareness through Education & Support

You can help us reach our 2020 Fundraising Goal  to purchase and renovate a school bus into a Mobile Sensory Safe Zone. 

Our Mission

Clara's Clubhouse Inc. is a Florida Not-for-Profit (501c3) Corporation. Our goal is to make sure that all children with sensory needs have access to tools and equipment to help them find coping and self regulation.

We provide a safe place for families and children with Unique Sensory Needs and the diagnoses that often accompany them. 

At Clara’s  Clubhouse, we offer a supportive environment for you and your child. 

Parent Workshops and Support Groups hosted monthly. 

What we Offer


Support Groups

Having a family member with Unique Sensory Needs can be difficult. Connect with other families and share your stories of triumph and tribulations along the way. 


Educational Parent Workshops

Unique Sensory Needs come along side a number of different diagnoses. Our goal is to raise awareness and increase advocacy through education.


Sensory Safe Zone Activity Booth

Through our own personal experiences, we know how difficult large community events can be for those with Sensory Needs. We have created a Sensory Safe Zone that we set up at local events to provide that necessary escape or distraction for those families who would't otherwise attend. 

Become a Sponsor

We run solely on donations and the support of our friends and partners in the community. We support small businesses and offer many sponsorship opportunities.  If you would like to be a part of serving the Special Needs families in our community, please consider sponsoring us. 

Collaborations and Community Involvement